The election of a coalition government lead by Tony Abbott in September 2013 poses a threat to many Australian values and Institutions.

There is a strong anti intellectual bias in the Government. For many years the term intellectual has been a term of abuse in Australia, now the word scientist is too.

It is difficult to believe that Australians voted positively for Abbott, they voted against a clearly dysfunctional Labor Party.  At least in Indi and Denison they had a choice.

However we are no stuck with the current government for three years.  If we sit on our hands for three years much damage will be done.  Direct action needs to be taken to protect fundamental Australian Institutions.

In particular we cannot allow the medieval values of the government to damage

  • The role of rational debate in Australia
  • Freedom of the press
  • The ABC
  • Access to quality education at all levels
  • Progress towards an environmentally sustainable future
  • Fair working conditions

All of these are under threat,